Décembre 2019 – Semaine #1

Photo d'une clé sur le sol

Voici la veille pour la période du 2 au 8 décembre 2019.

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6 décembre

Magic Leap’s next-generation headset is reportedly ‘years away from launch’
Magic Leap’s sales numbers reportedly haven’t matched CEO Rony Abovitz’s high expectations — and a second-generation headset could be years away from release.

Que fera la Ville de Montréal en 2020 en matière de développement culturel?
Culture Montréal a passé en revue le contenu culturel du Budget 2020 et du Programme triennal d’immobilisations 2020-2022 de la Ville de Montréal.

Spotify Wrapped 2019 Sparks New Discussion About Artist Income
As Spotify launched the artist-focused element of its Wrapped 2019 promotion yesterday, the streaming service also offered some new statistics.

SoundCloud Users Revolt After Company Announces Plan to Limit Free Uploads
On Monday, the streaming platform emailed its users about an impending cap on uploads. By Thursday, it had reversed course.

5 décembre

ASCAP Debuts VERSED Podcast
VERSED will feature interviews with music creators from all music genres about the struggles, hard work, breakthroughs and triumphs of the creative life.

Ready for Your Encore? Your 2019 Wrapped Is Waiting.
It’s December, and you know what that means. Visit Spotify for Artists for your 2019 highlights and share them with fans.

Portes Aims to Connect Artists and Fans While Respecting Privacy
Artists connecting with fans and rewarding superfans has been a trend in our industry for years. Doing that while respecting their digital privacy is… a somewhat-newer trend.

4 décembre

Amazon’s New ‘AI Keyboard’ Is Confusing Everyone
It’s been unclear who this is for, and many have latched on to the fact that the music it creates just sounds bad. It looks like a consumer product, and Amazon used an over-the-top presentation to hype it, which included what AWS claimed was “the first hybrid AI human pop acoustic collaboration.”

Instagram Just Recreated Céline Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” as a Shoppable Video
Celine Dion stars in Instagram’s first spot for its shopping feature—and it’s a very meta throwback.

Pandora’s “Most Ambitious” Ad Campaign Ever May Not Be Enough to Get You to Change the Stream
The one-time undisputed leader of music streaming is now fighting to maintain its place.

Pandora’s Revamped, More Personalized App Rolls out to All Users
The update expands on Pandora’s personalization capabilities with the addition of a new “For You” tab offering an entirely unique experience for each Pandora user, along with more station customization features, and other changes.

Hyperdub Will Release New Music Exclusively on a Sega Genesis Cartridge
Analogue, which released its own take on the classic console earlier this year, teamed up with electronic music label Hyperdub for a fun project to mark the label’s 15th anniversary. They’re releasing a limited-edition Mega SG console that’s bundled with a cartridge that features 11 exclusive tracks from Hyperdub artists.

Spotify Now Has an Actual Head of Hits, as Ned Monahan Joins from Interscope
The newly-created position is filled by Ned Monahan who was previously Marketing Director at Interscope.

3 décembre

Apple Follows Spotify and Announces Its Own Music Awards
It seems that Apple is quite enjoying its foray into the entertainment industry. After launching its Apple TV+ streaming service with some high-profile shows, the company has now announced the Apple Music Awards.

Spotify Overtakes Deezer’s Subscriber Base in France – But, Says Deezer, SPOT Can’t Match Its Payouts
Spotify appears to have leapfrogged Deezer to become the No.1 source of streaming music subscriptions in France. However, these subs numbers don’t quite tell the full story.

A New Tool from Spotify Walks the Line Between Advertising and Pay-For-Play
In Spotify’s pitch deck, which was sent to a distribution company, the platform advises artists and labels to spend at least $5,000 on these campaigns. If an artist pays that minimum amount at $.55 a click, the smallest campaign should bring in more than 9,000 potential listeners over a seven-day period.

Post Malone Is Spotify’s Most-Streamed Artist of the Year, but the Decade Belongs to Drake
When Spotify released its year-end streaming numbers, Post Malone took the top spot in 2019 with more than 6.5 billion global streams. Billie Eilish (6 billion), Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, and Bad Bunny round out the top-five most-streamed artists.

2 décembre

AWS Announces DeepComposer, a Machine-Learning Keyboard for Developers
The keyboard is supposed to help developers learn about machine learning in a fun way, and maybe create some music along the way.

Official Charts Company Adds Streaming ‘Sales’ to Compilations Chart
The Official Charts Company has changed the rules so that streaming data will count towards sales for compilations featuring original material.

GigsGuide Aims to Be ‘the Love Child of Spotify and Skyscanner’
Swedish startup GigsGuide has a nice one-line pitch, describing itself as “the love child of Spotify and Skyscanner”. Skyscanner being one of the most popular airline price-comparison websites.


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