Novembre 2019 – Semaine #3

Une paire de jumelles déposée sur un tronc d'arbre

Dans le cadre de mon mandat d’agent de développement culturel numérique pour l’Association des professionnels de l’édition musicale (APEM) et la Société professionnelle des auteurs et des compositeurs du Québec (SPACQ), j’effectue une veille sur différents sujets en lien avec la musique et les nouvelles technologies de l’information et de la communication.

Voici la veille pour la période du 18 au 24 novembre 2019.

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23 novembre

Les 12 travaux du nouveau ministre du Patrimoine
Steven Guilbeault aura du pain sur la planche. Des défis importants attendent le successeur de Mélanie Joly et de Pablo Rodriguez au Patrimoine canadien. Taxation des géants du web, plus grande offre de contenu canadien en ligne, redevances adéquates pour les créateurs et aide aux médias: arrivera-t-il à répondre aux attentes et faire oublier les erreurs du dernier mandat?

22 novembre

Congress’ AM-FM Act Calls for Radio Stations to Pay Musicians
The Ask Musicians for Music Act, abbreviated to the AM-FM Act, was co-sponsored by Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY). If signed into law, the act would require all radio services “to pay fair market value” for any music broadcasted over the air.

As Users Flee Google, Sonos Buys Snips ⁠— A Privacy-Focused Assistant
Sonos has acquired Snips, a privacy-focused AI voice platform based in Paris. The $37.5 million acquisition will help make the voice experience on Sonos “even better.”

21 novembre

Save the Date for the First Ever Spotify Awards in Mexico City
This March, Spotify will host its first awards show—one based entirely on user-generated data.

Universal Music Releases App for Artists and Managers to Track Streams, Socials and More
Universal Music Group has developed an analytics app for its artists and their managers to monitor everything from streaming activity to social performance.

Is the Music Industry ‘Comeback’ Overrated? A Hard Look at the Latest Stats
For an industry that nearly collapsed overnight, the past few years have been a godsend. But is all the talk of a ‘music industry comeback’ misleading — and potentially damaging for future growth?

20 novembre

Spotify’s Daniel Ek Has a Plan to Harness Hollywood for Podcasts and Create the World’s No. 1 Audio Platform
Ek and content chief Dawn Ostroff set their sights on spending hundreds of millions on exclusive podcasts and recruiting Jordan Peele, Mark Wahlberg and the Obamas in a race for scale with Apple and Amazon.

Lyor Cohen: The Record Industry’s Intense Focus on Data Is Becoming a Problem
YouTube’s Global Head of Music Lyor Cohen has called out the record industry’s obsession with data.

Chord Assist Makes Playing the Guitar More Accessible
Chord Assist aims to make learning the guitar more accessible for people who are blind, Deaf and mute. It gives instructions on how to play the guitar through braille, a speaker or visuals on a screen, allowing people to have a conversation to learn to play a certain chord.

Spotify Free Users: You Can Now Stream Music on Amazon Alexa, Sonos, and Bose Speakers
Spotify Free users (Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S.) will be able to hear their favorite music on even more smart speakers, including from Amazon, Sonos, and Bose.

Apple Music for Business Lets You Play Licensed Music at Your Store
Apple has partnered with in-store music and entertainment provider PlayNetwork to launch a Music for Business service.

19 novembre

Sony Inks Major Licensing Deal in Africa with Boomplay
Following licensing deals with Universal Music Group (announced in November 2018) and Warner Music Group (March 2019), Boomplay has signed a new partnership with a third major record company, Sony Music Entertainment.

Spotify Needs to Make a Decision About Its Future, Based on Whether It Actually Believes Its Own Mission Statement
Out of all the buzz that Spotify continues to amass as a leading music-streaming service, one problem that virtually no one in the music business has discussed yet is the gaping hole between Spotify’s oft-trumpeted mission statement and its actual business model.

Culture et médias: l’industrie demande à Trudeau d’agir prestement
À la veille de l’annonce de la composition du Conseil des ministres, la Coalition pour la culture et les médias (CCM) prie le premier ministre Justin Trudeau de respecter ses engagements électoraux.

Spotify Thinks Its Algorithm Can Find Your Next Favorite Podcast
Spotify is taking its first step toward personalizing podcast recommendations with the official launch of its Your Daily Podcast playlist, which will offer listeners an automated list of podcasts they may want to check out every day.

Secretly Distribution Teams with Nordic Tech Group Noordrights to Launch Music Company Secretly Noord
The new, global music company will provide distribution, marketing and technology services and tools to Nordic labels and artists of all sizes.

18 novembre

Billboard’s 2019 Digital Power Players Revealed
With streaming driving an unprecedented 80% of U.S. music revenue, these executives from every sector of the music industry are tapping points of data to propel business upward.

Amazon Music Launches Free, Ad-Sponsored Tier on iOS, Android, and Fire TV
The company is rolling out the free Amazon Music streaming tier to customers on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Amazon’s own Fire TV products.

Deezer’s Lossless Audio Finally Comes to Android, iOS and the Web
The service has launched its HiFi tier on Android, iOS and the web, making FLAC-based tunes available on the move or in your browser.

TikTok Owner ByteDance Continues Global Expansion with Music Streaming and Possible Rebrand
In order to continue global growth, ByteDance (parent company of the wildly popular social media app TikTok) will reportedly launch a music streaming service as soon as next month and is potentially exploring ways to remake its image in advance of a rumored 2020 public offering.


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