Novembre 2019 – Semaine #4

Photo d'un oiseau qui regarde l'horizon à la cime d'un arbre

Dans le cadre de mon mandat d’agent de développement culturel numérique pour l’Association des professionnels de l’édition musicale (APEM) et la Société professionnelle des auteurs et des compositeurs du Québec (SPACQ), j’effectue une veille sur différents sujets en lien avec la musique et les nouvelles technologies de l’information et de la communication.

Voici la veille pour la période du 25 novembre au 1er décembre 2019.

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28 novembre

Music Publishers Mull Challenges of India’s Evolving Market
Music-publishing body ICMP has just held its latest board meeting, in Mumbai, as part of a week-long delegation to India to hold talks with the government, music-industry entities and media in the country.

Warner’s Annual Streaming Revenue Tops $2bn, as Firm Posts $258m Net Profit
Revenue from streaming services grew by $396m to $2.13bn for the fiscal year ended September 30, up from $1.73bn in the prior fiscal year.

27 novembre

MLC Confirms Data Partners and Identity of Its CIO
The MLC has announced two new technology partners, who’ll be helping it to build its public database of musical works, as well as distributing mechanical royalties.

YouTube Adds Concert Listings to Official Artist Channel Videos in the UK and Ireland
YouTube visitors in the UK and Ireland will start seeing concert listings under videos on Official Artists Channels from today.

Billboard Announces New Rules for Merchandise/Album Bundles
Billboard is changing the rules to its album charts, affecting the way sales will be counted on those tallies in respect to merchandise bundles.

Alexa Can Now Sound Excited or Disappointed
In a bid to make Alexa interactions sound more natural, Amazon has given it the ability to respond with either an excited or a disappointed tone.

26 novembre

Tidal’s My Video Mix Creates Video Playlists Based on Your Listening Habits
Tidal is launching a new twist on the usual computer-generated playlists we’ve seen from the likes of Spotify and Google. And it’s doing so with a video-focused feature called My Video Mix.

Here’s a Kinda Genius, Kinda Evil Way People Are Gaming Spotify Playlists
In an era when major labels pump out “streambait pop” and platforms themselves allegedly inflate their numbers, it makes sense that users would also try to game streaming platforms.

Stantinko Botnet Caught Using YouTube to Mine Monero Cryptocurrency
The Stantinko botnet, which is thought to have infected at least 500,000 devices worldwide, has now added cryptomining to its toolset — and it’s been using YouTube to evade detection.

Independent Music Companies Take a Stance Against Umg-Tencent Deal
IMPALA is gearing up to oppose Tencent’s buyout of a 10% stake of Universal Music Group with an option to add a further 10%. IMPALA is also concerned about who might buy the additional UMG stakes that are up for grabs.

Spotify Faces Lawsuit from Indie Music Company Claiming Mistreatment
The complex suit, filed by Florida-based Sosa Entertainment LLC and its sister company – royalty collection firm Pro Music Rights LLC (PMR) – alleges a series of wrongdoings by Spotify.

On-Demand Audio, Video Streams Pass 1 Trillion This Year for First Time in US
For the week ended Nov. 21, U.S. audio and video on-demand streams passed 1 trillion for the first time ever in a calendar year, tallying 1.002 trillion streams so far this year, according to Nielsen Music.

25 novembre

Deezer Rolls out Snapchat Sharing Function
Deezer account holders will be able to swipe up on a Snapchat Story to play the song directly in the app. Non-Deezer users will be redirected to a mobile download for Deezer.

Powered by AI: Instagram’s Explore Recommender System
Over half of the Instagram community visits Instagram Explore every month to discover new photos, videos, and Stories relevant to their interests. Recommending the most relevant content out of billions of options in real time at scale introduces multiple machine learning (ML) challenges that require novel engineering solutions.

Why Spotify May Soon Have a Big TikTok Problem
As TikTok continues to grow exponentially past music, should the streaming service be worried?

Full Metal Junket: Music Tourism Hits Right Note with Fans
“Streaming is stripping group fandom out of music and fragmenting the listening experience. The reason the whole live sector is thriving, even as streaming has hurt CDs, is because there are super-enthusiastic fan bases wanting a passionate experience.”

Tim Berners-Lee Unveils Global Plan to Save the Web
Sir Tim Berners-Lee has launched a global action plan to save the web from political manipulation, fake news, privacy violations and other malign forces that threaten to plunge the world into a “digital dystopia”.

What James Dean’s Rebirth Means for the Future of Music
With the film industry bringing back James Dean, what’s to stop the music industry bringing back Frank Sinatra? Some thoughts on AI, economics and the future of music.

5 Things to Know About Americans and Their Smart Speakers
Smart speakers such as Amazon Echo or Google Home have gained popularity over the last several years. But even as some Americans are integrating these devices into their homes, many owners express concerns over data collection and personalization.


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