Veille 2020 – Semaine #02

Des caméras de surveillance dans un arbre

Dans le cadre de mon mandat d’agent de développement culturel numérique pour l’Association des professionnels de l’édition musicale (APEM) et la Société professionnelle des auteurs et des compositeurs du Québec (SPACQ), j’effectue une veille sur différents sujets en lien avec la musique et les nouvelles technologies de l’information et de la communication.

Voici la veille pour la période du 6 au 12 janvier 2020.

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10 décembre

The Mechanical Muse
Machines are learning to write poetry. How should artificial intelligence alter our appreciation of art?

Spotify and Apple Lead Podcasts – It’s All Down to How You Measure It
Spotify’s podcast bet is delivering early results but Apple still leads and national broadcasters are faring well too.

U.S. Music Industry Hits Milestone in 2019 With Over 1 Trillion Streams
In 2019, U.S. listeners passed the trillion-stream mark for the first time, according to Nielsen’s annual year-end report on the music industry.

9 décembre

San Diego’s Massive, 7-Year Experiment With Facial Recognition Technology Appears to Be a Flop
Some local police are frustrated, and privacy advocates are optimistic. But it’s almost completely unclear how effective the initiative was, since the city’s law enforcement agencies didn’t track the results.

German Music Listeners Streamed 107 Billion Tracks in 2019
German industry-body BVMI has put out its own numbers, revealing that the number of audio streams in Germany grew by 34.5% to 107bn in 2019.

8 janvier

Merlin Appoints Jeremy Sirota as the New Chief Executive Officer
Sirota, a widely respected and experienced executive in music and technology, has a proven track record for negotiating complex and strategic commercial partnerships, and for driving digital innovation across the recorded music business.

Spotify Will Use Everything It Knows About You to Target Podcast Ads
Spotify is going to start using its copious amounts of user data to run targeted ads inside its exclusive podcasts.

Mastercard Enters the Original Song Arena With ‘Priceless’ Album
Mastercard is advancing the medium by prepping its first full-length album of original songs, all of which will feature various interpolations of the brand’s five-note “sonic logo” that will span multiple genres and cultures.

Sonos, Squeezed by the Tech Giants, Sues Google
The maker of home speakers said Google and Amazon stole its technology and abused their power, but it could only risk suing one.

7 janvier

Google Assistant Passes 500 Million Users, Will Get Longform Reading and Deeper Smart Home Integration in 2020
Google Assistant is now used by 500 million monthly active users, and today Google is previewing features on the way in 2020 like a new voice that reads articles and web pages aloud to users with a more natural and humanlike voice. 

Bring Your Workflow on the Go With Track and Spotlight Editing, Now on iOS
As part of their commitment to giving you what you need to make a career in music, SoundCloud is rolling out even more mobile workflow tools, so you can keep creating anytime, anywhere.

Dan Chalmers Named Director of YouTube Music in Europe, Middle East and Africa
Chalmers has over 20 years of music industry experience and was previously President of ADA – Warner’s independent services and distribution arm – in the UK. He was also in charge of two UK-based Warner imprints, East West and Rhino Records.

Hipgnosis Acquires Catalog From Blink-182 Co-Founder Tom Delonge
Hipgnosis has acquired 100% of DeLonge’s copyrights on this catalog, which consists of 157 songs.

Metallica, Once a Vocal Spotify Holdout, Celebrates 1 Billion Spotify Streams
The band stayed off Spotify until 2012, when they finally gave in. In 2019, some 46 million people have listened to 50 million hours of the band’s music. This data came from Spotify’s Wrapped for Artists tool, which tracks various metrics.

6 janvier

Why Do Brands Need Voice Strategy?
With voice tech gaining momentum, the growing popularity of branded voice skills and Nike’s voice sale campaign snatching an award in Cannes, more companies are looking to embrace voice as a communication channel. 

Consumer Tech U.S. Sales to Reach Record $422 Billion in 2020; Streaming Services Spending Soars, Says CTA
Skyrocketing popularity of streaming services and wireless earbuds along with 5G connectivity and artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled devices will drive revenue growth for the U.S. consumer tech industry to a record $422 billion in retail revenues in 2020 – nearly 4% growth over last year, according to a new Consumer Technology Association (CTA) report. (h/t Music Ally)

What 2019 Meant for Crypto and What 2020 Might Bring
This post is part of The Block’s 2020 outlook series where industry insiders and experts lay out their expectation for the year ahead.

Ripple Exec Builds Platform for Artists to Sell Music for XRP and Keep ‘100% of Revenue’
Craig DeWitt, director of product at Ripple, has been working on a personal project for a couple of months now. His mission is to connect digital content creators, such as musicians, directly with consumers to help cut costs.

ByteDance & TikTok Have Secretly Built a Deepfakes Maker
TikTok parent company ByteDance has built a technology to let you insert your face into videos starring someone else. TechCrunch has learned that ByteDance has developed an unreleased feature using life-like deepfakes technology that the app’s code refers to as Face Swap.

Streaming Accounted for 80% of US-Based Recording Revenues in 2019, up From 7% in 2010
In an announcement that mirrored a similar report from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) said that music streaming accounted for 80% of the U.S. recorded music market in 2019.

UK Recorded Music Market up 7.5%, Hits 114 Billion Streams in 2019
According to the BPI and Official Charts Company data, consumption across all formats was up 7.5% year-on-year for volume in 2019. Based on the year’s AES (annual album equivalent sales) total, the equivalent of 153.5 million albums were either streamed or purchased in the last 12 months.

Image: Matthew Quick


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