Veille 2020 – Semaine #03

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Voici la veille pour la période du 13 au 19 janvier 2020.

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17 janvier

Björk and Microsoft Use AI to Create Music That Changes With the Sky
The project plays selections from Björk’s many choral arrangements based on what the AI sees in the sky through a rooftop camera. It’ll react based on different cloud types, the behavior of birds, passing aircraft and even barometric pressure.

SoundCloud, With More Than 200m Tracks on Its Platform, Saw Annual Revenues Top $200m Last Year
If there’s one stat that says everything about the recovery of SoundCloud in recent years, it’s this: in calendar 2017, the company turned over circa $102m. But just two years later, in Q4 2019, the firm’s 12-monthly gross revenue run-rate exceeded $200m for the first time in history.

Google’s New AI Language Model Can Comprehend Entire Books
Understanding sequential data — such as language, music or videos — is a challenging task, especially when there is dependence on extensive surrounding context. (Source: Google AI Blog)

Google’s Parent Company, Alphabet, Joins the $1 Trillion Club
Apple got there first, then Microsoft, and then Amazon, but now Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has finally joined their ranks.

Apple Music Teams With NBA, United Masters to Spotlight Emerging Hip-Hop Talent
Called BASE:LINE, the playlist will be curated by Apple Music’s director of hip-hop and R&B Ebro Darden and his team.

8tracks’ David Porter Explains How the Streaming Industry Has Changed Over the Last Decade
Over the last 12 years, a lot has changed in the online-music industry, and those shifts eventually left 8tracks without many options except to call it a day. (h/t Music Ally)

16 janvier

The Display of the Future Might Be in Your Contact Lens
Mojo Vision, the company, whose founders include industry veterans from the likes of Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, wants to reduce our reliance on screens.

Billboard Sells SPIN to Private Equity Group, Stereogum Founder to Buy Back Site
The Hollywood Reporter-Billboard Media Group acquired SPIN and Stereogum in December 2016. The company acquired hip-hop magazine Vibe in that same deal and still maintains ownership of that brand.

Vimeo Launches Short-Form Social Video Editing Platform Powered by Magisto
Vimeo has debuted a new AI-powered platform designed to help creatives produce shareable, short-form videos in minutes.

Welcoming Paul Vogel, Spotify’s New Chief Financial Officer
Paul Vogel is new to the role of Spotify CFO, but not to Spotify—or to the relationship between finance and the tech/media industry. For the last four years, he’s been at Spotify heading up Investor Relations and leading the FP&A (Financial Planning & Analysis) and Treasury teams.

Mechanical Licensing Collective Appoints Kris Ahrend as CEO
Ahrend began his career in the music industry working in the Law Department at Sony Music, where he provided legal services to all of Sony’s US divisions, including its publishing company. His tenure is effective immediately.

15 janvier

How Sony’s 360 Reality Audio Makes Recorded Music Sound Like an Immersive Concert
Inside the L.A. studio where songs have their sounds rearranged in a sphere all around the listener’s ears—even when they’re wearing regular headphones.

Spotify Launches Playlists for Dogs Left Home Alone
Spotify has made playlists and a podcast for dogs to listen to in their owners’ absence, after finding that nearly 74% of UK pet-owners play music for their animals.

14 janvier

Pandora Debuts Test & Tune Measurement Tools for Tracking Within Campaigns
Test & Tune, a new suite of measurement tools, is the first product to debut from Pandora’s Insights Lab, which was created in September 2018, and rolls out today as an open beta.

Spotify and Warner Chappell End Dispute in India, Sign Global Licensing Deal
The world’s largest music streaming service said on Tuesday that it has inked a global licensing agreement with Warner Music Group’s Warner Chappell for music rights.

Spotify Illustrates the Difference Between Flat Engagement and Real Sentiment
The logistical outlook is that Spotify has simply reached a level of market saturation that ensures its continued relevance, even if it loses market share in a coming recession. The subjective reality for consumers, however, tells another story.

Gamifying Music Streaming Through Artist Advocacy
Music discovery and streaming app LÜM launches first direct-to-artist virtual gifting system. (h/t Music Ally)

Has Amazon Already Figured Out the Future of the Music Streaming Business?
In order to grow, streaming services may need to offer customers more, better, and cheaper subscription options — something Amazon is already doing.

Jimmy Iovine Knows Music and Tech. Here’s Why He’s Worried.
The record executive who made the leap to Silicon Valley looks back on the decade in the music business, and sees a major problem on the horizon.

13 janvier

Solid State Logic Put Its Pro Tech Into Tiny Audio Interfaces for Bedroom Producers
Solid State Logic (SSL) is best known in the audio realm for its huge professional consoles that cost tens of thousands of dollars. But the iconic British company is now hoping to break into home studios for the first time.

Deezer Inks Strategic Payments Partnership With Mondia for Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE
The partnership will see Mondia Pay connect Deezer to mobile operator subscribers, and will facilitate the collection of payments through its payment platform. Mondia connects to over 50 operators, across 33 countries, reaching over 1 billion potential customers.

Is Anghami Set to Sell – or Raise Capital – at $400m Valuation?
Anghami, one of the dominant music streaming services in the Middle East, could soon be under new ownership (or co-ownership).

Is YouTube Music Finally Getting a Cloud Locker Feature?
An APK teardown reveals the feature may be coming soon. Version 3.47 of the YouTube music app includes code references to a distinct partition in your account.

A Music Artist Breaks Down Exactly How Much Money Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and More Paid Her in 2019
Cellist Zoë Keating is well-known in the music world for releasing her annual streaming royalties, and this year she gave Business Insider a look at what she earned from Spotify, Apple Music, and more. (h/t Music Ally)


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