Veille 2020 – Semaine #05

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Voici la veille pour la période du 27 au 2 février 2020.

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31 janvier

Warner Music Group Posts Highest Quarterly Revenue in Its History as a Standalone Company
Overall WMG revenue grew by 4.4% year-on-year (or 5.5% in constant currency) to $1.256 billion (£957m) – the highest quarterly result in its 16-year history as a standalone company.

Application de l’Accord Canada–États-Unis-Mexique: la SOCAN dénonce l’omission d’une disposition clé concernant le droit d’auteur
En omettant certaines clauses dans le projet de loi de mise en œuvre du nouvel Accord Canada–États-Unis-Mexique (ACEUM), le gouvernement a raté une immense opportunité de renforcer les protections garanties par le droit d’auteur au Canada.

Spotify Stock Down Nearly 12% In 2020; Wall Street Expects Slower Q4 Earnings Ahead
Spotify will provide an earnings report on Wednesday, February 5th, and many financial professionals are doubling down on their belief that the streaming service’s long-term profitability is uncertain.

Artist Streaming Revolt: Former Universal Germany Boss Thinks Modern Record Labels ‘Keep Disproportionate Amount of Income’
One intriguing reaction to the news has now arrived via a company owned by an influential and respected figure in the German industry.

Deezer Backstage
Après avoir développé sa plateforme pour les auditeurs, Deezer s’adresse désormais aux artistes et professionnels de l’industrie musicale en lançant son nouveau portail: Deezer Backstage.

30 janvier

Schubert Music Is the Latest Publisher to Push Into Recordings
Schubert Music Europe, the holding company of Schubert Music Publishing, today announced a deal with Sony’s independent label distribution division The Orchard.

Musiculus Music Education Startup Launches Its First Apps
The latest startup hoping to use digital wizardry to help people learn to play instruments is Canadian firm Musiculus.

Spotify Is Partnering With PodcastOne to Bring All of Their Podcasts to the Platform
Spotify is thrilled to bring PodcastOne’s 400-plus hours of fresh, weekly content to Spotify’s global listeners,” said Lauren Jarvis, Head of Content Partnerships, North America.

IMPALA Speaks Out Against the UK’s Unwillingness to Enforce EU Copyright Directive
In a statement, IMPALA said that the Copyright Directive “brings clear benefits” and that all, including “creators, citizens, and of course start-ups,” have something to gain from the law.

29 janvier

L’avenir des communications au Canada: le temps d’agir
Rapport du Groupe d’examen du cadre législatif en matière de radiodiffusion et de télécommunications

Keychange: 74 New Participants Announced for Our Year-Long Capacity Building Programme
Canadian partners FACTOR, SOCAN Foundation, and festivals MUTEK Montreal and BreakOut West are the first outside of Europe to commit to the talent development element of the Keychange programme.

MIDI 2.0 Overhauls the Music Interface for the First Time in 35 Years
About 35 years after the MIDI 1.0 Detailed Specification was established, instrument manufacturers voted unanimously on January 18th to adopt the new MIDI 2.0 spec.

28 janvier

FACTOR Invests up to $350,000 Over Four Years in Keychange Mentorship Program to Support Women in Music
This international mentorship program started by the PRS Foundation in the UK, with partners Reeperbahn Festival and Musikcentrum Öst, will involve 74 artists and industry professionals in professional development and exchange programs targeted to women in the music industry.

27 janvier

SoundExchange Paid Out $908m to Artists and Labels in 2019
US performance rights org SoundExchange paid artists and labels $908.2m across the 12 months of 2019, it has confirmed.

Get Ready to See Spotify’s Looping Videos on Instagram
Following Spotify’s confirmation of a new Stories feature, initially being tested by social media influencers, the company this morning announced it will now allow artists to reach their Instagram fan bases in a new way, too.

The UK Won’t Implement EU’s Controversial Copyright Directive After Brexit
The UK government won’t adopt the EU’s controversial copyright directive after it leaves the bloc on January 31st, though politicians say they still support the legislation’s “overall aims.”

BMG Responds to Artist Streaming Revolt in Germany: ‘It Is Time for Record Companies to Change.’
A BMG spokesperson said: “We strongly welcome this attempt to highlight some of the inequities of the traditional record deal.

The Artist Revolt: Stars Seek More Streaming Money From Major Labels in Germany
These artists are calling into question historical contracts with the majors, proclaiming an “urgent and fundamental need” to review the methodology from which they have been paid in the past.

The Song Economy
The Song Economy is the new music industry’s growth engine and it is critical for new songs just as it is for old ones. (h/t Music Ally)

Following Outrage, Discovery Networks Backs Down on Composer Ultimatum
Discovery Networks, which last month unveiled a new business model that would have all but assured series composers a drastic income drop, has scuttled that plan in response to outrage expressed by the media music community.


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