Veille 2020 – Semaine #08

Groue sur une scène avec la foule à l'avant-plan

Voici la veille pour la période du 17 au 23 février 2020.

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20 février

Resident Advisor Partners With Spotify to Launch RA Tickets Integration
The partnership with the streaming platform connects Spotify users around the world to gigs with artists they like via localised event listings promoted within the Spotify application.

19 février

Genius Content Heads to TV for the First Time With Fuse Media Partnership
The series will feature Genius’s artist-centric content, including Verified, Deconstructed, and For The Record With Rob Markman, along with other existing formats that will air under the Genius x Fuse banner.

Music Licensing Startup SyncFloor, Co-Founded by 20 Year Microsoft Veteran, Secures $200,000 Investment
Seattle-based music licensing startup SyncFloor, co-founded by 20 year Microsoft veteran Kirt Debique and veteran IP attorney Cestjon McFarland has been accepted as part of Betaworks Audiocamp program.

TikTok Is Letting Parents Set How Much Time Their Kids Can Spend on the App
Under the new Family Safety Mode, parents will be able to control how long their children can spend on TikTok.

Celebrating a Decade of Audio Culture on Mixcloud With a New Brand and Refreshed Outlook on the Future
A decade on from their humble roots in a warehouse in North West London, Mixcloud’s platform has proven a powerful one for championing audio culture.

Universal Music Publishing Group Unveils New ‘UMPG Window’ Royalty Portal, Mobile App
Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) has launched a new royalty portal for its songwriters which it says offers “unparalleled earnings data, insights and analytics”, in addition to “clear, complete and real-time earnings and data”.

With Good Times Back For The Music Business, Warner And Universal Look To Cash In
Two of the world’s largest music companies are looking to capitalize on the rejuvenated industry whose growth has been fueled by streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

18 février

Unwrapping Wrapped 2019: Spotify VP of Engineering Tyson Singer Explains
A behind-the-scenes insight about the infrastructure that enabled Spotify’s Wrapped experience for 2019

Apple Music Now Groups Different Versions of the Same Albums
Apple Music has tweaked the way it organizes different versions of the same album.

Spotify Just Made It Easier to See What Podcasts Are About
Spotify wants to make it easier for you to discover and preview podcasts you might dig — so it has revamped its podcast section to better accommodate your needs.

As Spotify, Apple, and Amazon Dominate, Tuned Global Is Building Customized Streaming Platforms for Brands
The streaming music space is now a battle royale between the biggest of giants. Even Spotify is feeling the heat from far bigger competitors like Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet-owned YouTube. Toss ByteDance-owned TikTok into the mix, and the barrier to entry has never been more extreme.

Deezer Expands Playlist Brands Into ‘Live’ Concerts; Recorded Gigs to Be Available Exclusively on Platform
France-born music streaming service Deezer is expanding its flagship playlist brands like Rocket, Popstar and Certified into a concert series, or ‘playlist parties’ in different cities around the world.

17 février

This Fake Travis Scott Song Created By Artificial Intelligence Sounds Almost Like The Real Thing
Digital agency space150 recently pushed the technology to its limits by creating an entirely AI-generated song with lyrics and melodies modeled after Travis Scott’s music. (h/t Music Ally)

La bonne pièce au bon moment
La musique est souvent une source d’inspiration pour les créateurs d’émissions de télé ou de films. Mais son intégration ou sa simple présence dans les oeuvres se fait parfois contre vents et marées, alors que le temps, le budget et les façons de faire peuvent être des épines aux pieds à la fois pour les compositeurs de musique à l’image et pour les producteurs.

Photo: Charlie Martel


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