Veille 2020 – Semaine #10

plusieurs modèles de radiocassettes

Voici la veille pour la période du 2 au 8 mars 2020.

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6 mars

2019-2020 Streaming Price Bible: YouTube Is Still the #1 Problem to Solve
Every year, artist-rights blog The Trichordist publishes an updated ‘streaming price bible’ comparing the per-stream payouts of the major music streaming services. (h/t Music Ally)

Music Monitoring Startup Audoo’s Latest Funding Round Is £1.5m
The company has just raised £1.5m (just over $1.9m) in its latest funding round, with investors including Tileyard London – the fast-growing music hub into which Audoo will soon move its office.

Pex Buys Dubset to Build YouTube ContentID for TikTok & More
Pex is acquiring Dubset, which has spent 10 years tackling the problem of getting remixes and multi-song DJ sets legalized for streaming on services like Spotify.

Spotify’s Weird LinkedIn Playlists Sound Like a Cash Register
It’s always a bit weird seeing normally hypercompetitive tech companies playing nice like this, and even more weird that Linkedin would ostensibly roll out a playlist that nobody was really asking for in the first place.

5 mars

Recorded Music Revenues Hit $21.5 Billion in 2019
The global recorded music industry continued its resurgence in 2019 with a fifth successive year of growth.

Spotify Is Working on Voice Activation for Its Apps
According to app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, the company is working on a voice activation feature for its app.

Loudly Shows off AI Tech to Remix Songs Into Different Genres
German startup Loudly is taking the wrappers off its music-focused artificial intelligence technology, which it says can automatically remix tracks into different genres.

How Explaining Copyright Broke the YouTube Copyright System
A copyright riddle wrapped up in an algorithmic enigma, symbolic of the many current content moderation dilemmas faced by online platforms today.

Bad Bunny Scores Spotify’s Biggest Debut of 2020 — After a Paid Promotional Campaign
Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny is taking full advantage of Spotify’s soon-to-be expanded advertising tools to promote his newest album, YHLQMDLG, and the early results speak for themselves.

4 mars

Twitter Is Finally Doing Stories
On Wednesday, Twitter will begin testing a feature, called “Fleets,” that will allow you to post photos, videos, and text that disappear after a short period of time.

Reservoir UK Managing Director Annette Barrett to Head IMPF Board of Directors
The Independent Music Publishers Forum (IMPF) has declared widely respected publishing executive Annette Barrett President-elect of IMPF and Chair of the Board of Directors.

Resso, Bytedance’s Music Streaming App, Officially Launches in India, Sans Tencent-Backed Universal Music
TikTok’s owner, China’s ByteDance, is doubling down on the music connection with the release of its first standalone full music streaming app, starting first in India.

YouTube Music’s Redesigned Playback Screen Includes Lyrics
YouTube Music is still catching up on features, and this time around it’s one of the most important elements: the Now Playing screen you see whenever you listen.

The Average Canadian Songwriter Earned Just $67 Last Year from Domestic Digital Sources
SOCAN members — including songwriters, composers, producers, publishers, and other composition rights owners — received an average of $67 (Canadian dollars) for domestic digital royalties in 2019, according to the organization.

3 mars

Recording Industry Acts Against Stream Manipulation Site
IFPI, representing the recording industry worldwide, and its German national group, BVMI, announced today that the Berlin District Court has issued an injunction against the operator of, a prominent stream manipulation site.

Warner Music, Cole Haan Delay IPOs Amid Coronavirus Jitters
The companies made the decision after the S&P 500 Index lost close to 12% of its value last week, the fastest such correction on record.

DIY Artists Generated $821m in 2019 – Now Amuse Is Launching a Pro Subscription Tier to ‘Accelerate Their Careers’
Amuse is set to launch a third key pillar to its business, offering DIY artists more advanced tools, on top of basic digital distribution, for a monthly fee.

Musiio Launches Self-Service Dashboard for AI Catalogue-Tagging
AI-tagging startup Musiio has launched a new service that will make it easier for music companies to use its technology. (h/t Music Ally)

Spotify’s Head Of Music Explains How To Get On Playlists
Interview with Jeremy Erlich, Spotify’s new Co-Head of Music Strategy. (h/t Music Ally)

2 mars

Public Media Found Its Answer to Spotify in Pocket Casts
The decision comes at a time when multiple podcast apps, most notably Spotify, are committing themselves to a strategy of exclusive shows designed to build loyalty to their platform. Pocket Casts is instead committed to podcasting’s open ecosystem of freely available RSS feeds.

Spotify’s Newest Pitch to Labels and Musicians: Now You Pay Us
The streaming giant is asking record labels and artists for money to advertise their songs within its app, arguing that they’ll reach new fans and increase their popularity.

Report: Global Value of Music Copyright Reached $30.1bn in 2018
This figure includes recorded music and publishing – including performance rights, mechanical royalties and sync licensing.

Shahid Partners With Spotify for Exclusive TV and Music Bundle in MENA
VIP subscribers for Shahid streaming service will receive six months of Spotify Premium for no additional cost. (h/t Music Ally)

Canada Now Has Around 7.8m Music Subscribers Says SOCAN Boss
Canadian collecting society Socan says that Canada is home to around 7.8m music subscribers, or 22% of the country’s total population.

Geoff Taylor (BPI): ‘We would like to see a trade deal between the UK and the EU addressing our issues’
Emmanuel Legrand spoke to Geoff Taylor, chief executive of the BPI, about the challenges ahead for Great Britain.

Photo: Jim Golden


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