Veille 2020 – Semaine #14


Voici la veille pour la période du 30 mars au 5 avril 2020.

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3 avril

Concert Industry Could Lose Up to $9 Billion in Ticket Sales This Year, Study Shows
In a worst-case scenario, the concert industry could lose almost $9 billion if coronavirus quarantines don’t lift by the end of the year.

2 avril

Music Sector Joins Together to Call for EU and National Investment to Address Current Crisis and Promote Diversity
Music is one of the first sectors hit by the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. It will also be one of the last.

To Bump or Not to Bump? Music Biz Split on Waiting Out Pandemic for Album Releases
The Weeknd, Sam Hunt, Dua Lipa and Kenny Chesney are among the stars holding firm to album dates, but Lady Gaga, Sam Smith and others are choosing to move off the launch pad.

Facebook Launches Standalone Messenger Desktop App
Facebook today debuted a new Messenger app for desktop and PC, presumably in an attempt to get in on the massive new demand for good voice chat apps.

Nomination de Lou Ragagnin à titre de président et chef de direction de Ré:Sonne
Le conseil de direction de Ré:Sonne est heureux d’annoncer aujourd’hui la nomination de Lou Ragagnin à titre de président et chef de direction de l’organisation.

An Update From Kerry Trainor, SoundCloud CEO
SoundCloud is accelerating a series of new initiatives and over $15M in direct investment to support creators on SoundCloud during this difficult time.

La SOCAN annonce un programme d’aide d’urgence de 2 M$ pour ses membres dans le besoin
Ce programme a été élaboré sur la base des informations obtenues dans le cadre de discussions avec de nombreux membres de la SOCAN. Il vise principalement les auteurs-compositeurs et les compositeurs de musique à l’image dont les revenus ont été compromis par l’impact de cette crise sur l’industrie de la musique.

Spotify Now Works With Siri on the Apple Watch
Apple Watch users can now ask Siri to play music through Spotify.

Sony Unveils $100 Million Coronavirus Relief Fund
The fund is intended to help in three areas: assistance for those individuals engaged in frontline medical efforts; support for children and educators now working remotely; and, creatives in the entertainment industry.

1er avril

Artist Rights Organizations Launch Coronavirus Resource Hub for Music Community
A coalition of artist rights organizations have created a centralized resource hub to help the music community navigate business and find crucial aid amid the coronavirus crisis.

YouTube Reportedly Working on TikTok Competitor Called Shorts
YouTube is looking to compete directly with the short-form, user-generated content app by reportedly launching its own version called “Shorts.”

Spotify and Warner Music Group Renew Their Global Licensing Deal, Resolve Issue in India
Spotify and Warner Music Group have renewed their global licensing partnership, the two said on Wednesday, confirming that the giant music label’s songs will now be available on the Sweden-headquartered firm’s platform in India.

TikTok Strikes Short-Term Licensing Deals With Sony, Warner, Universal
TikTok has secured shorter-than-usual licensing deals with three of the music industry’s biggest publishers: Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music.

The Canadian Music Industry Asks Federal Government for Urgent Relief for the Industry During COVID-19 Pandemic
The Canadian music industry is asking the Federal government for further action including robust financial support and flexibility in funding rules that would support the artists and the industry’s small business community that is suffering through the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

31 mars

Factor – Songwriter Development Program Launch
This program offers a $2,000 subsidy toward a year of various songwriting initiatives such as travel for co-writing sessions, songwriting camps and workshops, and eligible showcases.

Record Union Shares Mental Health Resource Kit for Musicians
The Wellness Starter Pack focuses on how to improve nutrition, mindfulness, and more

Believe – Creative Marketing Playbook
Optimize your promotion on streaming platforms & social media over the lockdown period.

Kobalt Revenue Up 35% Even as Losses Widened in 2019
The Kobalt Music Group lost $56.78 million on revenues of $543.44 million for the year ended June 30, 2019.

Family-friendly Spotify Kids app launches in the U.S., Canada and France
Spotify designed the Kids app from the ground up with the needs of both parents and kids in mind.

Tencent-Led Consortium Completes $3.4bn Acquisition of 10% of Universal Music Group
UMG parent Vivendi announced the completion of the long-awaited deal today, exactly three months after the contractual agreement of the acquisition was announced.

30 mars

Universal Music Group Announces Coronavirus-Relief Initiatives
Universal Music Group today announced several initiatives to bring relief to musicians, its employees and the music industry in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic that in a short time has devastated so much of the global economy.

COVID-19: La Sacem lance un plan de mesures d’urgence pour ses membres, auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs de musique
Face à la gravité de la crise sanitaire et à ses conséquences dramatiques pour les auteurs et compositeurs et éditeurs de musique, la Sacem prend des mesures d’urgence pour assurer la solidarité envers ses membres les plus en difficulté. (h/t Music Business Worldwide)


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