Veille 2020 – Semaine #24

bassiste de dos qui accord sa basse

Voici la veille pour la période du 8 au 14 juin 2020.

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12 juin

With No Box Office to Report, Concert Industry Trade Pollstar Creates Livestream Chart to Monitor Digital Performances
Published each Monday, the chart lists the top 50 livestreams from the past week across multiple platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

Tencent Music Buys $200m+ Stake in Warner Music Group
According to an SEC filing lodged by Warner earlier today, TME has acquired 4 million Class A common stock shares in the music company.

Byta, the Private Music Sharing Service for Pre-Releases and More, Raises Seed Round
Byta, the music sharing service for pre-releases and other use-cases where there is a need to share sound files privately, has picked up around $1.4 million in seed funding.

SoundCloud Partners With Snapchat for Sharing Tracks, Albums, and More
The idea is to turn Snapchat into an accessible destination to discover new music and for artists to promote their latest tracks.

Google Sues Sonos, Escalating Wireless Speaker Battle Amid Trade Panel Probe
In a complaint filed on Thursday in San Francisco federal court, Google accused Sonos of using substantial volumes of its technology without permission for several products, including controller apps and its Sonos Radio service.

11 juin

The Women Behind #TheShowMustBePaused — And What They’re Planning Next
On Tuesday, June 2, two young black women pushed the pause button on the multibillion-dollar music industry — and remarkably, it ground to a halt.

YouTube To Introduce Channel Customization, Rolls Out Algorithm-Generated ‘Creator Mixes’ For Each Viewer
In testing, YouTube has seen Creator Mixes perform better than playlists made by creators or users. That’s because those playlists are static, and are the same for every user, whereas a Creator Mix is tailored for each viewer.

LANDR Launches Creator Tool, Enabling ‘Almost Infinite’ Number of Sounds for Producers
The addition of Creator to the samples platform streamlines sound selection for pros and helps aspiring artists to quickly sketch ideas for a track without having to download and manipulate individual sounds.

NMPA Reports Over $3.7 Billion in 2019 Revenue
Breaking that revenue down, performance continued to be the most dominant category with 52.30%, followed by sync with 22.69%, mechanical with 18.53% and miscellaneous with the remaining 6.48%.

TIDAL Now Officially a Suspect in Norwegian Data Fraud Investigation
A recent Norwegian Supreme Court Appeals Committee ruling has revealed that TIDAL has been an official suspect in a “serious data fraud investigation” by the Norwegian authorities since June 21 last year.

10 juin

Ninety Percent of Indie Music Venues Expect to Close Forever if Shutdowns Last for Months to Come
The poll was conducted by the National Independent Venue Association among its nearly 2,000 members, who include owners and concert promoters from all 50 states.

Maveron, Scooter Braun, Alex Rodriguez Invest in $30m Round for Virtual Entertainment Startup Wave
Wave partners with music labels, management companies, and independent artists to help host virtual concerts with digital fan avatars.

La Sacem annonce une nouvelle rémunération spécifiquement dédiée aux concerts en ligne
Consciente de l’évolution des pratiques et de l’enjeu que le livestream représente pour ses auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs, la Sacem, grâce à ses accords avec Facebook, Instagram et YouTube, annonce la mise en place d’une nouvelle rémunération spécifique pour les livestreams.

YouTuber Records “New” Metallica Song Written by a Bot
In the past couple months, Connor did the same for Nickelback, AC/DC and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Warner Music Group Worth Over $16bn After a Full Week of Trading on Nasdaq
Warner Music Group has now been a public company on the Nasdaq for the equivalent of a full working week.

9 juin

Businesses on Facebook Can Now Respond to Customers in Messenger
Facebook is launching a new inbox on Messenger today to make it easier for business owners to respond to incoming customer messages from the same app they use to message friends and family.

8 juin

In The Last 2 Months, 2 Million YouTube Users Have Bought Their First Super Chat, Super Sticker, Or Channel Membership
These offerings, along with merch sales, are all part of what YouTube calls “alternative monetization,” and with an increasing number of creators profiting from it, the platform’s newest feature aims to drive attention to just how often merch contributes to YouTubers’ income. (h/t Music Ally)


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