Veille 2020 – Semaine #26

photographie à contre-jour d'un chanteur sur une scène

Voici la veille pour la période du 22 au 28 juin 2020.

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26 juin

YouTube Is Targeting TikTok With a New 15-Second Video Recording Feature
YouTube is testing out a new way for creators to easily record multiple clips directly in the YouTube mobile app and upload as one video.

Spotify Releases Marquee Stats Including 20% Conversion Rate
According to Spotify, 20+% of Spotify users who see a Marquee stream the promoted release within two weeks.

25 juin

Identifying a Melody by Studying a Musician’s Body Language
A new artificial intelligence tool developed by the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab leverages the virtual eyes and ears of a computer to separate similar sounds that are tricky even for humans to differentiate.

Google Is Launching a New Licensing Program to Support the News Industry
This program will help participating publishers monetize their content through an enhanced storytelling experience that lets people go deeper into more complex stories, stay informed and be exposed to a world of different issues and interests.

TikTok Launches Tiktok for Business for Marketers, Takes on Snapchat With New AR Ads
At launch, the site will include access to TikTok ad formats, including its marque product, TopView, which is the ad that appears when you first launch the TikTok app. Other products under this TikTok For Business umbrella include Brand Takeovers, In-Feed Videos, Hashtag Challenges, and Branded Effects.

24 juin

Music Data Platform RightsHub Integrates With Gracenote, DJ Monitor and More
Music rights data and asset management platform RightsHub has integrated with five leading music recognition technology (MRT) companies to enable its users to register songs in a single upload.

23 juin

Is Spotify Launching a Major Video Expansion?
App de-coder Jane Wong has discovered a new tabbed interface in the latest Spotify update. New tabs include Canvas, Album Art, and Video.

Instagram Expands Shopping to More Businesses, Including Creators Selling Their Merch
The company envisions the expansion of the Shopping service to enable a wider number of small businesses and even individual creators to sell on its platform. This could include musicians selling their merchandise.

Despite Strong Growth From Amazon and Apple, Spotify Retains the Same Global Music Subscriber Market Share in Q1 2020 as Q1 2019
Overall there were 400 million music subscribers in Q1 2020, up 30% from Q1 2019, with 93 million net new subscribers added. This compares to the 77 million added one year earlier.

You Can Finally Listen to Music While Video Chatting
The music syncing app AmpMe is launching a feature that lets you hang out with friends virtually while listening to music.

22 juin

Spotify Is Testing In-App Ads on Podcast Episode Pages
The company said it could give producers and advertisers more detailed stats like actual ad impressions, frequency, reach and anonymized audience info.

AI-Personalized Music for Stress and Anxiety
Canadian startup Lucid has launched Vibe, an app that draws upon cognitive science, music theory, and artificial intelligence to develop a personalized profile for each user. (h/t Music Ally)


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