Veille – Octobre 2019

Caméra de surveillance

Dans le cadre de mon mandat d’agent de développement culturel numérique pour l’Association des professionnels de l’édition musicale (APEM) et la Société professionnelle des auteurs et des compositeurs du Québec (SPACQ), j’effectue une veille sur différents sujets en lien avec la musique et les nouvelles technologies de l’information et de la communication.

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31 octobre 2019

TuneCore distribue maintenant sur TikTok
Dans le cadre de ce nouveau partenariat, les artistes peuvent maintenant faire découvrir, promouvoir et présenter leur musique à des centaines de millions d’auditeurs via l’application TikTok.

What’s the Most Spine-Chilling Song of All Time?
When October rolled around and Halloween decorations went up this year, Pandora got curious about finding what continues to makes the creepiest songs so creepy, and better yet, enlist science to identify the spookiest song of all time.

Streaming Giant Balks at Mechanical Licensing Collective’s $66.25 Million Startup Budget
The Mechanical Licensing Collective’s healthy startup budget is meeting resistance from at least one major streaming platform. According to the source, who has reviewed the MLC’s proposal, the $66.25 million price tag is ‘easily three times the cost of creating a comparable organization of this nature,’ according to their analysis.

Apple Reports Fourth Quarter Results
Apple announced financial results for its fiscal 2019 fourth quarter that ended on September 28, 2019. Services revenue (including Apple Music) reaches all-time high of $12.5 billion.

Tune into the Radio with the Google Assistant and SiriusXM
Starting next week, you can stream SiriusXM’s extensive lineup of channels with the Google Assistant on your smart devices, like Nest Mini, Nest Hub, Android and iOS phones, and everywhere Assistant is available.

30 octobre 2019

What Plateau? Sony Music Quarterly Streaming Revenues Boom 21%
Earlier today, Sony Music reported its second-quarter financial results for 2019, with music streaming driving a sharp increase in revenues.

How Major Labels Are Attempting to Juice Sales with Streaming Compilations
In an effort to boost streams for older songs in their catalog, Universal Music Group is now attempting to circumvent streaming’s grip on the playlist game by releasing hundreds of label-exclusive playlists that are classified on Spotify as compilation albums.

Spotify’s CEO Once Called The Black Keys to Explain Why Their Royalties Were so Bad
Back in 2012, after Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney publicly complained about his royalties, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek gave him a call to explain how streaming really works. A few things have happened since that interview.

Introducing Spotify Kids, a New Standalone App for the Next Generation of Listeners
Spotify is committed to bringing audio content such as music and stories to more people in more ways–including the next generation of listeners. That’s why they decided to launch a standalone app designed with safety in mind specifically for kids and families.

29 octobre 2019

YouTube Music Gets Siri and Desktop Web App Support
YouTube Music is getting a pair of small but helpful updates today: full support for Siri, and support for being installed as a desktop web app.

Three things for music publishers to look out for in the new Blokur
Blokur is no longer in Beta. The British stratup has been working hard to bring both music publishers and music users new functionality and improvements based on their feedback.

28 octobre 2019

Jammber’s New Splits App Helps Songwriters Divide Up Royalties
For songwriters and other creators, keeping track of collaborators and dividing royalties on songs can be a pain. Music payment and workflow management platform Jammber wants to make it easier with Splits, its new end-to-end royalty management app.

What’s Facebook’s Game Plan in Music?
Facebook’s game plan in music is being driven by Tamara Hrivnak, the firm’s Head of Music Business Development and Partnerships.

This new app wants to change the way music gets made
Bounce wants to help artists collaborate better—and eventually, change the way people consume music.

Element AI Partners with Mozilla on R&D for Data Trusts, Ethical AI Projects
Montreal-based Element AI, is partnering with Mozilla, the nonprofit behind the free and open-source web browser, to explore data trusts, a tool that can give consumers more control over the use of their personal information.

Deezer Launches Standalone Music App for Sony’s 360 Reality Audio Format
France-born music streaming service Deezer has launched a new standalone music app that lets its HiFi music subscribers enjoy Sony’s 360 Reality Audio music format.

Spotify Announces Financial Results for Third Quarter 2019
Spotify reported financial results for the third fiscal quarter of 2019 ending September 30, 2019.

25 octobre 2019

Getting Cash for Our Data Could Actually Make Things Worse
Scholars argue that turning data into property could actually widen the digital divide, give Silicon Valley even more control with property rights, and create new modes of exploitation without effectively addressing the underlying logic of surveillance capitalism, all for what would likely amount to a pretty small amount of money for users.

Just Days After Music Publishers Threaten TikTok, the AMAs Strike a Major Partnership
The announcement comes just days after UMPG, Warner/Chappell Music, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Downtown Music Publishing, Reservoir Media, and other publishers declared TikTok a mass copyright infringer.

The Grammys Organizer Is Giving Artists a Metadata Gold Mine to Credit Unrecognized Music Workers
The Recording Academy, the professional association that puts on the Grammy Awards, launched a new campaign today that it’s calling Behind the Record. It’s dedicated to helping spread awareness to various musicians, engineers, and other artists who contribute to popular music but often go unrecognized by the broader culture.

Startup Pex Can Now Scan Apple Podcasts for Music Clips
Pex delivers independent video and music analytics & rights management services to enable creators, rights holders and marketers to find, measure and leverage the value of content across the Web. In addition to scanning YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, Twitch and TikTok, the startup will now identify copyrighted music and audio clips on Apple Podcasts.

24 octobre 2019

TikTok Rival Triller Raises $28 Million in Venture Funding
The music-focused social video-sharing app raised $28 million in a Series B round valuing the four-year-old startup at $130 million. San Francisco-based Triller recently renewed long-term licensing deals with the three global music companies (Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group), each of which has a small stake in the startup.

40 music festivals pledge not to use facial recognition
40 of the world’s largest music festivals—including Coachella, Bonnaroo and SXSW—have said they won’t use facial recognition at their events. 

Pandora Introduces Full Song Credits on the Web and Pandora’s Desktop App
Pandora now displays full song credits for millions of tracks in their massive music library, highlighting all of the people – both in front of the mic and behind-the-scenes – who played a role in the creation of your favorite tunes.

Spotify Now Lets Artists Buy a Full-Screen ‘Recommendation’ Promoting Their New Album
Spotify added a feature that will occasionally pop up a full-screen recommendation of a new album the service thinks you’ll like, based on a combination of your listening taste and human curation.

German Buying Behavior Study Shows Listeners Love Streaming, but More Willing to Get Physical
A University of Hamburg study commissioned by a collection of music industry organizations, including trade group BVMI and collecting society GEMA, has found an increasing willingness among German consumers to spend more money on the music they love.

23 octobre 2019

We Need a National Vision for AI
The Age of AI is coming, and fast, and there is plenty to be concerned about. Getting there will take decades. Yet AI applications are advancing faster than our policies or institutions at a time in which science and technology are being under-funded, undersupported and even challenged.

Why Spotify’s in Such a Tight Spot
Spotify built a massive business by legitimately delivering to music lovers what Napster allowed them to steal. And, yes, Spotify has been durable and tenacious and innovative. But Spotify also is somewhat tapped out. It already has deals to stream the majority of music distributed by major music labels. And those powerful labels now have credible alternatives to Spotify in Amazon and Apple.

Music Analytics Company Soundcharts Launches Real-Time Global Media & Web Monitoring Tool
Mentions works by tracking the entire internet and splits the results into three categories: music media, verified media and unverified sources. The data search results can then be segmented further into sub-categories such as origin (country), domain rank (based on website traffic) and source type (news, blog, discussion).

22 octobre 2019

IFPI and WIN Announce Cross-Industry Collaboration on Recording Industry Data Exchange Service
IFPI and WIN have announced a cross-industry collaboration to create Repertoire Data Exchange (RDx). It will enable record companies and music licensing companies, which collectively manage recording rights, to submit and access authoritative recording data via a single point.

Fender’s New App Is a Giant Chord Library That Integrates With Apple Music
The app is organized a lot like a music streaming service, except that once you’ve found a song you want to play along with, you’ll also find its lyrics and chords.

Spotify Really Doesn’t Want You to Stop Subscribing – And It’s Handing Out Google Home Minis to Help Make Sure You Don’t
Spotify has just announced that it will be giving away a Google Home Mini device to both new and existing Premium subscribers in the United States, while stocks last.

21 octobre 2019

Spotify Saved the Music Industry. Now What?
This article provides a wide-ranging overview of the music streaming sector and the impact that streaming services, and in particular Spotify, have had on music industry revenues over the past decade.

Secret Chord Laboratories raises $315k for music-analysis tool
Algorithmic A&R continues to be a touchy subject in some quarters of the music industry, where there is distrust of the prospect of big data encroaching onto the traditional territory of humans’ ears and guts. That’s even more the case when the algorithms are tracking not the momentum of an artist in terms of streams and social activity, but the qualities of the music itself.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild with Spotify’s First Original French Fictional Podcast Thriller, ‘L’Employé’
Manipulated or manipulator… who is L’Employé? That is the question at the heart of Spotify’s first foray into French fiction podcasts.

Beats 1 Launches Weekly ‘Rap Life’ Show with Ebro Darden
The series based on the popular Apple Music playlist will feature a mix of music, interviews and discussions around hip-hop culture.

18 octobre 2019

The Meaninglessness of Music Charts
With each streaming platform crowning a different champion each week, it has become impossible to tell which artists are truly popular.

Spoken Word the New Focus for Spotify
At yesterday’s inaugural Frankfurt Audio Summit, Michael Krause, Spotify’s Managing Director for Central Europe, outlined how the company has moved into podcasts in recent years. It now hosts more than 450,000 podcasts, and aims to become the world’s largest podcast base.

Artist Profile Pages Just Got A Slight Facelift On The YouTube Music App
Official artist profiles are getting a facelift within the YouTube Music app on both Android and iOS.

17 octobre 2019

Fractal Bits Drum Synth App Uses Algorithms to Produce Billions of Sounds
Desktop music production software has become more user friendly, but the options for creating music on a phone are still rather limited. That’s set to change with the release of a new drum synth app, Fractal Bits, which lets users choose from billions of sounds to create their own tracks on the go.

Industry-Connecting Startup Rostr Launches Its Service in Beta
In February, Music Ally spotted plans by former Spotify global head of artist and industry partnerships Mark Williamson to launch a new startup called Rostr. It was tagged as “AngelList for the music industry” – a reference to the popular website cataloguing startups for investors. This week, Rostr has launched in beta.

Music on Facebook & Instagram Launched in 7 New European Countries
As of today, people in these seven new countries will be able to add a song to their photos and videos on their Stories. In addition to being able to add music to Instagram Stories, you can now also add lyrics when you add a song to your story if you live in the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Romania and Slovakia.

Comment peut-on améliorer les agendas culturels?
Les agendas culturels ne fonctionnent plus. Est-que des données ouvertes pourraient les améliorer? C’est la question qu’ont explorée des chercheurs gallois dans un rapport de la fondation d’innovation Nesta et du Satori Lab.

New Metadata Standard Will Make Music Easier To Find
Metadata is the grease that makes the music industry run smoothly. Metadata helps artists and labels describe their offerings; it helps digital music services organize their catalogs; and most importantly of all, it helps users find music. Earlier this month, the music industry standards body DDEX released a new metadata standard that’s likely to catch on where many other such efforts have failed. The standard is called MEAD (for Media Enrichment And Description), and it could lead to a breakthrough in making music easier to find.

Plan stratégique 2018-2022 du CALQ (Objectif #7 de l’enjeu #2: Provoquer l’utilisation de métadonnées)
Dans un monde où l’offre culturelle mondiale est accessible à partir d’un simple téléphone ou d’un ordinateur personnel, voire sur des appareils sans écran, l’univers numérique se hisse en tête de liste des territoires à conquérir. Or pour qu’y rayonnent les œuvres, les milieux culturels devront très rapidement adopter les codes propres au Web et intégrer des métadonnées aux contenus (livres, chansons, films, etc.) en utilisant les standards internationaux reconnus pour permettre de bien les identifier, les décrire et les rendre accessibles—découvrables.

16 octobre 2019

Vancouver-Based Start-Up Splics Has Been Selected as One of the 10 Companies in the 2019 Techstars Montreal AI Class
Spliqs engages and invigorates the fundamental human capacity for music, allowing aspiring musicians to move from being frustrated “dabblers” to active musical creators, while also augmenting the creativity of experienced composers and musicians.

15 octobre 2019

YouTube and Merchbar Team Up to Make Artists’ Official Merchandise Easily Accessible to Fans
YouTube announced a partnership with Merchbar to help fans deepen their connection with their favorite artists. Artists with an Official Artist Channel can now surface their official merchandise and vinyl alongside their videos.

Deezer and Targetspot Announce Exclusive Audio Ad Sales Partnership in 5 Countries
As of October 2019, the partnership enables advertisers and brands in the five affected countries to purchase Deezer audio inventory exclusively through Targetspot, leveraging the company’s leading expertise in digital audio including direct and programmatic sales capabilities.

Bring Me The Horizon Is Selling Custom T-Shirts Based on Your Spotify Habits
British band Bring Me The Horizon has launched a new merch line with a twist: a dedicated website that serves up personalized T-shirts to people based on their Spotify listening data.

How Twitter Changed Music
Hashtag rap! Kanye rants! Terrifying stan pile-ons! For better and worse, Twitter has forever altered the music landscape.

UMG Content Strategist: Podcasts ‘Could Potentially Rival Share of Ear for Music Consumption’
With the millions of dollars the world’s leading music streaming platform is investing in podcast companies (plus original podcast content, and executives) will the likes of Spotify’s ‘Audio First’ strategy – combined with moves being made in this space by rivals like Deezer and Apple Music – ultimately result in podcasts challenging the “share of ear” for music consumption?

14 octobre 2019

Apple Music Gets Sick of the Lyrics Providers, Starts Transcribing Lyrics Themselves
Apple Music is taking a totally different approach to transcribing music lyrics. The Genius/LyricFind scandal earlier this year highlights why.

Deezer IPO Is Back on – Possibly; Middle East Growth Is Happening – Definitely
“Going public is an opportunity… it is something that we will consider in the next 12 to 18 months.” ‘Considering’ and ‘doing’ are, of course, two very different things. And in the same interview, Hans-Holger Albrecht, Deezer CEO, even dampened down his comments on a possible IPO by saying the company is not currently looking to do a new funding round.

11 octobre 2019

While Tunecore’s 250,000 Artists Get Access to Tencent Services in China, CD Baby Adds Another 750,000
In addition to TuneCore’s deal, this week has seen rival service CD Baby announce, via a blog post, that it’s also partnered with TME to deliver its catalog of streaming-eligible tracks to three TME services: QQ Music, KuGou Music and Kuwo Music.

Get Ready to See More Looping Videos on Spotify, as Canvas Launches into Beta
Spotify is opening up its Canvas feature to more artists, the company announced this morning, which means you’ll see a lot more of those looping videos on the app starting soon.

Bandsintown Launches Live Music Charts in Partnership with Billboard
Concert discovery hub Bandsintown is launching the first data-driven online live music charts, tracking interest in artists’ touring activity in 10 major U.S. cities and key international markets.

TuneCore Brings Independent Artists to Tencent Music in China
TuneCore’s global platform pays artists 100% of what they earn from digital streams and downloads, while meeting all of their needs across distribution, publishing administration and a range of promotional services. Artists distribute their music to over 150 digital platforms worldwide including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Google Play, and now, Tencent Music.

10 octobre 2019

Musicians Fear for Livelihood Without Streaming Residuals
As TV’s center of gravity pivots to direct-to-consumer platforms like Netflix and, soon, Disney+, a lack of residuals is having a huge impact on below-the-line workers who create the scores and instrumentals for programming.

SoundExchange Website to Let Artists Search and Claim Unmatched Recordings
In a move to bring more transparency and potentially help reduce black-box royalties, SoundExchange is updating its website to allow artists and labels to now see all recordings currently associated with their accounts, as well as allowing them to search and claim recordings in the organization’s pending and unmatched database.

YouTube Music Says It Pays the Same Royalty Rate as Spotify — At Least on Its Subscription Streams
Not sure this is good news, exactly. But YouTube Music is at least offering some data on its per-stream royalty payouts. Spotify is notorious for crappy royalty payouts to artists. But compared to YouTube, Spotify’s per-stream rates are downright lavish.

Shazam Upped Its User Base to 478 Million, Erased Losses in Apple-Impacted 2018
Shazam erased its losses and increased user totals during the course of 2018, a year that saw the audio-identifying app’s acquisition by Apple. According to financial results submitted to the U.K.’s Companies House on Tuesday, Shazam grew its user base and reached 478 million active users, up from 400 million the previous frame.

9 octobre 2019

New Blockchain-Based Music Streaming Service Audius Is a Copyright Nightmare
New startup Audius says its blockchain-based music streaming service is the solution that finally pays attention to indie artists’ needs. It’s also full of pirated material.

Gartner 2019 Hype Cycle Shows Most Blockchain Technologies Are Still Five to 10 Years Away From Transformational Impact
The Gartner Inc. 2019 Hype Cycle for Blockchain Technologies shows that blockchain is sliding into the Trough of Disillusionment. The market will begin to climb out of this Trough by 2021, as technology advances and pragmatic use cases uniquely supported by blockchain continue to roll out.

How Aurora Got over 3,000 People on TikTok to Hold Hands for Her Song, the River
The River, by Norwegian artist Aurora, encourages its audience not to keep their emotions buried within. And that proposition, nay instruction, formed the basis of a viral TikTok campaign that recently took the track to new heights.


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